Friday, August 22, 2008

Caring For Your Betta Fish - What Water To Use

What is the best water to use in your betta fish tank?

Some people refuse to believe it but the best water to use in your betta fish tank is tap water. Bottled water and distilled water has been “purified” and does not have the minerals that your Betta fish needs. If your tap water is so bad that you do not even drink it, than use spring water. Tap water or spring water, follow the directions below:

1) Find out if your local tap water is treated with chloramines and if it is you will need AmQuel from the pet store.

2) Pre treat the water with a product called “stress coat” according to the directions. (You can find “stress coat” at your local pet store too)

3) Once the water is treated according to package directions, let it sit in an open container for up to a week, which allows all of the chemicals and gasses to evaporate and for the pH in the water to normalize.

See, caring for your betta fish and its water is not hard!

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